Nerd versus Jock

Chapter 1

“Dang how is she doing that?”

“That must be a new high score!”

Emma smirked and stepped away from the arcade game, the middle school boys rushed to get a look at the screen, and there was already a line forming to try to beat her score. hers was the highest score, above the second person’s by hundreds of points. This was her life, how she spent her days outside of school. At school she was the most introverted person in class, she don’t raise her hand and the teachers knew not to call on her. Sometimes in the hallways she thought that there must be an invisible force field around her, because even though no one ever looked at her, nobody ever ran into her either.

At the Malbury Arcade she was free to say and do what she wanted, without worrying if anyone from school would see her. The arcade was something everyone but Emma had outgrown. Ernie, the manager, called for closing time and reluctantly Emma unchained her bike from the bike rack outside and started pedaling home.

“Dad I’m home,” she called out not expecting an answer. He was rarely home anymore.

Gina, their housekeeper since before Emma was born, was the one who responded. “Hello Emma, how was you day? I made pasta tonight for dinner and saved you a plate.”

Gina was the closest thing Emma had to a real parent, considering her mom left them when she was just a baby, and as a CEO of a Fortune 500 company her father always was away on business trips or staying late at the office (even though she knew staying late really meant screwing his secretary Janice).

“Nothing happened at school,” Emma simply replied, “Just my generation acting like the assholes they are.”

“Watch your language young lady!” Gina berated her with a frown.

“Sorry Gina, if you need me I’ll be in the game room,” Emma kissed the woman on the cheek before going upstairs.

Her game room was her sanctuary, where she spent practically all of her time when she was at home, working on putting her name at the top of all the online leader boards. After she finished eating her vegetarian pasta (yeah, newsflash it was possible to survive without eating meat daily) she turned on her monitors and got ready to log on. Putting on her headset, Emma plopped down on a beanbag chair and entered one of my clan servers I had created. A clan server was a privately owned server that you had to be invited on. Emma owned many of them on different websites, because she was a private person and didn’t like interacting with every noobs that decided to sign up for the games.

Gabemamba432: hey emma_babycakes long time no see

emma_babycakes: as if I was logged on just two days ago

Gabemamba432: yeah, but in that time we were in 3 clanwars, and we had to defeat all of them without our stupid clan leader

devi516: hey emma_babycakes i see gabemamba432 told u how we TKO’d those clans the other day

emmababycakes: wtf you guys don’t message me about anything anymore XI

Gabemamba432: aww don’t t your panties in a twist you two I’m sure some more noobs will come along thinking they can defeat our awesomeness

Devi516: don’t you mean OUR awesomeness

Emma_babycakes: yeah!

*gabemamba433 logged out

Devi516: jerk we didn’t even get to do anything :<

emma_babycakes: whatever I'm logging on to a different server, message me if there's anything going on

Devi516: aye aye captain will do

*emma_babycakes logged out

*devi516 logged out

Hey guys for those of you who read the authors comments kudos to you! This is my first story I’ve ever worked on on wattpad so hopefully it won’t take me too long to eat the whole updating thing down. I am in high school so I can’t promise a chapter every day, but know that I will try my hardest to make this first story a success. it would really help me out if you vote and tell me what you think in the comments. Thanks a bunch to whoever is reading this, updating shortly.


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